Support the Kenney Land project!

Support the Kenney Land project!

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Hey folks!

OGA contributor Kenney (creator of perhaps the most popular free 2D asset packs on the internet today) is putting together a physical venue for game development, which you can read about on his IndieGogo page, here:

Here's what he has to say about it:

Kenney Land is a local venue in Kerkrade (Netherlands, my hometown) where game developers can come to work, learn, teach, create and play. There will be events organized like workshops, trainings (for beginners and advanced developers), meetings and game jams. There will also be resource available for game developers to use, like assets and book but also development kits for consoles.
If you decide to pledge $20 or more you'll receive an asset pack which contains 4,000 never before seen assets which include explosions, aliens in spaceships, isometric buildings and the Roguelike pack!

Even if you aren't local to the venue, Kenney is a great guy who deserves our support, and this is a sweet idea that I'd love to see succeed (and perhaps be replicated elsewhere).  So don't delay, go help Kenney out with this awesome project!