Tension Based Loops (6 loops + Full Mix)

Tension Based Loops (6 loops + Full Mix)

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I tried to make tenstion based loops. So when the game gets more exciting, more loops come in play. This way, you can make a dynamic soundtrack with behaviour that makes sense within the game. The soundtrack is kind of repetitive, I think. But it was just a test and it succeeded. I added a full mix so you can hear the different feelings you can get from combining different loops.

The loops are all made in C Minor. This way you can combine them all without dissonance.

The loops are in both Acidized Wave, and Midi file.

The Full Mix is in Midi, Mp3, and Ogg.

I hope anyone finds use in this.


I would love to see any projects using these loops, so if you like post a link here to the project where I can enjoy it :).

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If you use these loops, please follow these steps: 1) The game should contain a link to Opengameart.org. 2) My name (VividReality) should be mentioned either in the game (credits), or in a Readme, for instance in the music asset folder, with the files you used. That's all.