Wang ‘Blob’ Tileset

Wang ‘Blob’ Tileset

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This is a template layout for a 47 tile ‘Blob’ tileset, packed into a 7x8 array. This is one row less than the template here. The 9 duplicate tiles, are indicated by white index numbers.

Each index number is calculated by adding up binary weightings (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128) for yellow edges or corners in a clockwise direction from the top edge. 

A complete tileset would therefore require 2^8 = 256 tiles. The advantage of ‘Blob’ tilesets is that just 47 tiles are needed to seamlessly cover floor or rug-like areas.

From the template I created a ‘raised platforms and walkways’ tileset. The isometric pixel art gives an idea of how the tiles fit together to create seamless random maze-like designs.

Visit my webpage to create more random layouts (select ‘Commune’ from the Blob pull-down menu). There is also explanation of Wang tile maths and two different Blob tile construction methods.

Also found a web page explaining Blob tilesets here.

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