Weekly Challenge: Eight Bits (due Aug 10th)

Weekly Challenge: Eight Bits (due Aug 10th)

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Back in my day, we only had 8 bits and we liked it!

8 Bit art encourages artists to think beyond the limitations and create something masterful.

We already have some great 8-bit style art on OGA:

I've been on a big chip-tunes kick so I'd love to hear new music in that style!

Although you have 256 colors at your disposal for 8-bit 2D art, keep in mind that everything on the screen had to fit in that palette.  Often one sprite would only use 4 or 8 distinct colors, so that the rest of the palette could be devoted to all the backgrounds and interfaces.

There wasn't really any 3D art in the 8-bit era, but there are retro ways to do it.  Like turning pixels into blocky 3D representations ala http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoFYEtj2tDw

Good luck, and happy creating!

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