Weekly Challenge: NPC Writeup (due July 26th)

Weekly Challenge: NPC Writeup (due July 26th)

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This week let's try something very different: a text-only Writing Challenge.  For "NPC Writeup", simply create a detailed NPC.

Consider some or all of the following details: gender, age, appearance, clothing, personality, quirks, goals, dreams, fears, job, responsibities, motivations, quest/mission hooks, specific dialog, relationships, loyalties, alignment, secrets, rumors, memories (etc!)

Because it's text-only, post your entry in this thread.  If you're feeling ambitious you can submit stuff like concept art, voice dialog, etc to go with your entry, but judging will be mainly by the text.

At the bottom of your entry, post the license(s) you're releasing the work under.  (Note that GFDL is a valid option for entries).  If you forget this, your entry will be disqualified and probably deleted!


Of course, it is easy to create an NPC of a well-established archetype.  It's probably impossible to avoid all video game tropes http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/VideogameTropes


Winning entries will probably be unique, fleshed out, intriguing characters... someone so interesting that open source game designers will make room and build plot around that character.

Hopefully the results of this challenge will help us think about how we can support text/design art in OGA 2.0.