Weekly Challenge: Public Treasure Hunt (due June 28th)

Weekly Challenge: Public Treasure Hunt (due June 28th)

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I'm throwing you all a curve ball this week!

The weekly challenge is "Public Treasure Hunt".  The goal: scour the web for Public Domain / CC0 game art and post it to OGA!

I would love for us to discover some obscure, generous, talented game artists.  Also, it's a great idea for OGA to archive game art that might otherwise be forgotten.

  • You have to point to the source of where you found the art so we can verify the license
  • Make an effort to contact the artist and let them know you posted it here -- maybe they will be interested in OGA!
  • Tag your entries: Weekly Challenge, Public Treasure Hunt


Also, consider this a week for our regular competitors to take a rest!  Our contest has been running strong since the beginning of April, and I thank everyone who has participated.