Weekly Challenge: Replaceholder (due Oct 11th)

Weekly Challenge: Replaceholder (due Oct 11th)

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This week's topic is "Replaceholder"!

What does that even mean?!  It's a portmanteau of "Replace" and "Placeholder".  If your project is using placeholder art, this week we'll replace it with something of quality!

If you run a game project or are a lone developer, let us know what pieces of art you need.  Because the challenge only lasts one week, keep it simple: something that can be done in an hour or two tops.  Be sure to include exact specs of what you need so that the results fit your project!  Note that because the art will be submitted to OGA, it will use an OGA-compatable license (e.g. CC0/Public Domain, CC-BY/LGPL, CC-BY-SA/GPL)

OGA Artists: if you plan to work on a request, claim it in this thread.  That way we don't have all artists work on the same request and ignore the rest.

  • Due Oct 11th
  • Tag your entries: Weekly Challenge, Replaceholder

Please help get the word out for this challenge.  If no game projects let us know what they need, we won't have anything to do!