Weekly Challenge: Starter Set (due Feb 21)

Weekly Challenge: Starter Set (due Feb 21)

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This week's challenge is Starter Set.

Many novice programmers want to jump right into game programming, but even tiny games require tons of programming.  I often recommend that programers' first games be clones of simple old-school games (e.g. Tetris, Space Invaders).

I think it would be fantastic if OpenGameArt housed matching sets of art to make small games like this.

Some excellent ways these art packs could be used:

  1. Novice programmers learning game programming on their own
  2. Professors can use our art packs in their Intro to Game Programming courses
  3. Great sets of art for 48-hour game contests

So let's do this!  The goal: try to submit a good set of art that someone could use to pretty much make an entire old-school game (e.g. all the necessary sprites, or all the sound effects, or all the music).

Some simple games that would be good for inspiration: Pac Man, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Galaga, Missile Command, Tetris, Bejewelled, Breakout, Rogue, ... or think of your favorite classic game!  Of course, we will not accept entries that are copyright infringement!  Be inspired by these old games, don't rip from them.

Side note: if you're a programmer and you want to request a Starter Set, please post below!