2022 Art Challenges

2022 Art Challenges

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If any of these upcoming challenges take your fancy, get ahead of the curve and start creating!

ANY art that has not already been submitted to OGA qualifies as long as it is submitted within the specified date period of the challenge...

Got some old art lying around that fits the genre of the season? Finish it, polish it, enter it!

2022 Art Challenges:



Dates: Concluded

Theme: LPC

Art Challenge Spring 2022 LPC | OpenGameArt.org



Dates: Concluded

Theme: Platformer

Summer 2022 Art Chalenge - Platformer | OpenGameArt.org


Autumn (Fall):-

Dates: Concluded

Theme: First-person shooter

Autumn 2022 Art Challenge - First Person Shooter | OpenGameArt.org



Dates: Concluded

Theme: Beat'em up (Brawler)

Winter 2022 Art Challenge - Beat'em Up | OpenGameArt.org