A(lchemist) Game

A(lchemist) Game

Hi, I'm the creator of the lpc Entry A(lchemist) Game. You can grab the game, via the LPC Entry page, or you can git clone via this url: git://git.assembla.com/alchemist-game.git.


A(lchemist) Game is a pure multiplayer game, so even tough you can beat the game by yourself, you will have the most fun with friends. To win the game, you have to get as many points as possible by killing monsters and rescuing the princess. Find the rare elemental scrolls to power up your magic.

Get every magic to a level of 2 or higher to be able to lift the legendary excalibur from his stone.

When you die, you are Dead, there is no pitty for the weak, but your successor will be sure to follow your path and wash the Name of your Family clean.

How To Play:

As an alchemist, you can manipulate the Elements around you. Left Click on a Dirt,Water or Lava spot to absorb its power. then Right Click anywhere to release the elemental magic. Your Magic will get more powerful the more scrolls you find.

Go to the Soldier on the center bottom of the Map to get the quest to rescue the princess, she will give you a scroll and valuable points.

You can press '1' or '2' to send a ping from you location to communicate to other Players.

If you get killed, your charakter will die and a gravestone will be placed on his location of Death. The more powerful you were, the bigger the Gravestone will be. you can also put you last famous words on it for the world to see even after your death.

You will respawn as you old charakters successor, trying to fullfill the mission your predecessor couldn't.

But beware, a master or the elemental Magic might not get hold down by the chains of Death and you old Charakter might raise from his grave as a demon from hell to take revenge on the living.

As soon as you have all of your magic at least level 2, go to Excalibur, located at the center of the Map. You have to take it and flee the comming armageddon, before the timer runs out.

Getting the Game to work:

If you downloaded the lpc entry, you will find the appropriate .jar in the main Folder. You will need a Server for you and your friends to play on. On Windows you can start it by double clicking on GameServer_Win.jar.  On Linux, or if you want to use the console on Windows, change to the main Directory of the game and type:

java -jar GameServer_<Lin/Win>.jar    (GameServer_Lin.jar if you are under Linux, GameServer_Win.jar if you are under Windows)

you can start the game in the same manner, either by double clicking or typing:

java -jar AGame_<Win/Lin>.jar

Compiling and Running:

So you like the hard way, huh. okay, First you need to add all the used librarys to the Buildpath:

that would be all the .jars in the lib/ folder + the .jars in the kryonet/ Folder. additionally you will have to add native Librarys to you lwjgl.jar. In Eclipse this is done by going to your build path, clicking on Librarys, then expand the lwjgl.jar library by clicking on the little arrow on the left side of the jar. there you should see a 'native Library Location', click on it, then click Edit and enter the location of the native Librarys of your choice: lib/ for the Linux librarys (the .so files) and lib/win_natives/ for the windows native librarys.

after that, you should be able to compile and run the game!


Have fun and good Luck!