Anyone want to promote their stuff?

Anyone want to promote their stuff?

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I thinks this is not technically a request, but an inquiry as to wether or not there's any interest in this matter. And that is.. I make game music and I make these funny little "game music videos" - or music game videos, for them.

and this

are the latest I've made with openGameArt stuff I've found in here. I know I messed up the crediting on that latter mentioned one (openart instead of openGameArt) but I have a very old computer and it would have taken me way too long to re-render the video.

So, anyway.. I'm asking if you guys some assets, game demos, cutscenes - or the sort, that you'd like to see turned into these game video music things.. Any feedback on my existing content also appreciated, but that's going off-topic.




Aron (iamoneabe)