Art contribution by Imogia Games

Art contribution by Imogia Games

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I'll use this topic to keep the community updated on the work I publish on OGA, so each time I publish something, I'll allso post an update here!


The original post was about some monster recolorswiththe NES palette:

As I needed some monsters for the upcoming Winter jam, and I also want to contribute to the community, I decided to work a bit further to release the recolors I made for everyone to use.

I used the Nintendo NES color palette, but for aesthetics (and time) sake, I choose not to follow the console constraint of 3 color per tile.

For each monster I recolor I'll publish the original size version (96x96px) as well as an alternative downscaled version of 48 x 48. However, due to lacking the time to redraw them myself, the result of the downscaled version may or may not be perfect for all the sprites.
I'll add some color variations as well for adding some diversity!

The first one looks like this:

I'll keep posting here my progress,



AirMonster001 - Recolor

airmonster001-recolor.png airmonster001-recolor.png 299 Kb [12 download(s)]