ATOS - A tale of survival (In development)

ATOS - A tale of survival (In development)

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Hiya guys,

               I have been working on ATOS for several months now and thought its finally time to start showing off some of the work I have done so far. Considering the vast majority of the artwork has been sourced from OGA what better place to do it then here! So without further ado -

A tale of survival (ATOS) is a survival based sandbox rpg currently in early development by DynamicZero studios (me). You must discover, gather and craft to survive whilst exploring the strange island you find yourself stranded upon. Deadly creatures will actively hunt you down on the island. Your life is limited and resources sparse. Hunger and thirst play a huge part in the players dynamics.

The primary target platforms are both Android and PC, I am looking for a simultaneous release for both platforms. The game is currently in closed ALPHA but I plan to allow open access once the project progresses far enough.

Some of the main features of the game -

  • Free roam, randomly generated world
  • Light sources and advanced lighting engine
  • Player craftable items
  • Dynamic day, night and weather effects
  • Resource gathering
  • Hunger, thirst and health management
  • Sandbox world

Images (alpha) -

 gui (latest image)

(random world generation)

(Cacti, lighting and shadows)

(crafting gui example)

(random pathfinding example)


Any questions, suggestions or critisms please feel free to post them here! Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the LiberatedPixelCup where the vast majority of the artwork thus far has come from.

- Zero.