bitcraft (progress thread)

bitcraft (progress thread)

Hello everyone!  I had a ton of time today, and got a ton of work done with my 'game'.  I want to let everyone know that this one-man team will try to finish, but most likely, I will just get a proof-of-concept or demo done.  This means: just the bare bones.

I want to say thank you to all the contributors, I've had fun going through the art, music, and sound submissions.

My repository is at GitHub (  I'm programming it in Python and Pygame.

The main concept of the game is a point and click adventure, with a twist that you have to manage [up to] 4 characters separately in real time.  I'm adding time management games elements (think farmville) for variety.

So far, I've got the basic interface going with one panel for testing.  It loads Tiled maps, and scrolls by clicking areas of the map and dragging it.  Characters on the screen are clickable, and I just added basic pathfinding (but no movement).

By the end of the week, I would like to have 3 more characters in the game, a complete blacksmith class, movement, and dialogs.  If I can manage that, adding another class, battle sequences, and another map will be my goals for the entire project.