Character Animator for Unity

Character Animator for Unity

Hello friends! I discovered OpenGameArt/LPC about a month ago and was quickly motivated to try and build something that could animate LPC characters in Unity. 

I'm relatively new to Game Development, but I was able to come up with a plugin that will animate your LPC characters at runtime, simply based on the "DNA Types" you define and the "Model Key" you provide. In the YouTube demo below I demonstrate 21 DNA types, but you can add or remove a type by adding/removing 2 lines of code.

I'm still working on the plugin, but I've gotten to a somewhat stable version that might be of helpful for those looking how to code this themselves. (I found quite a few on the Unity forums trying to build something similar last year). I was able to get over the major hurdle of populating a Sprite Atlas and building the animations into a cache before loading a scene, so hopefully this can help someone out. There's not much documentation yet so you might need a programming background to change the core functionality.

I have plans to expand on the current version with features such as a NPC Controller, Enemy Controller, adding support for sprites that arent in the giant LPC format, etc. However, I'm jumping over to make a few other components for my game first so I can start to visualize my next steps :)

Like I said before, I'm pretty new to Game Development, so any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!

YouTube demo: