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Hi everyone,

i have been tinkering about with my website and have added some new bits and pieces, one thing i've added is a 'Mock up' tab which shows my game assets in like a screenshot style using other artists artwork.

the artists are credited and also i have included links to there download page here on OGA.

I believe i have stuck to the license rules, however i have posted here so those that are included now and in the future can check for themselves, and for whatever reason they are unhappy they can react to it on here.

hope you all like it.

Artists credited: - aaryankhakan - nkorth - neburov - PauR - Guido Bos - Sam - greggman - patvanmackelberg

please note, the site is very much a work in progress so there may be a bug or 2. :)


Also i have created some timelapse videos on my youtube channel which feature music from artists here as well, again with credit and links in the description.

Artists credited:

Music by Oddroom: "Moon Shine" - Music by Snabisch : "You are my passion" - Music by Eric Maytas "Crazy Cady Highway"

Trevor Lentz: "Just Move" - celestialghost8: "Australis Frontier" - Music by nene: "Boss Battle" - Music by p0ss: "Manifest"






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