Clonecity, html5 sim city clone

Clonecity, html5 sim city clone

I started on a html5 sim city clone over the weekend. When I went looking for art assets I found OGA and the LPC. I am surprised that I had not heard of the LPC before this. I am posting this here since I thought it might be good to make myself accountable to ship the game. Plus LPC is something I would like to support.


Clonecity is of course a tentitive name. Based on the art I am using from Uknown Horizions I cannot call it 'city' with a straight face.

The git repo is here:

It can be played here:

Game Design

I should maybe call this section 'gameplay compromises' instead. My only two goals are to make a quick fun game & ship. To that end the code and game play is messy so that I can iterate.

The game will have an arcade feel. I'm too lazy to add roads, power distropution, and polution, so it will not be a true sim city clone. You will not be able to save. That should force me to work on rapid gameplay.

Game feedback will occur through messages above buildings. For example: "We are starving", "We feel poor", "Died of starvation", "=)", "We need more workers", "We need more stock".

When a building goes backrupt or starves it will turn to rubble. I may not let the player clear rubble, I have not decided on that.


The game engine is straight html5 in the DOM.

Earlier versions used jquery but I have since switched to zepto. Thanks to css3 I had only used jquery for DOM manipulation so the extra parsing weight was un-justified.

By the end of the LPC coding stage I intend to have a android build available.

I will add a proper credit screen when I add the start menu, until then the credits are in the readme.


Rewrite Economy to be dynamic so that it reaches a proper equilibrium.

  • on build calc and sort distance lookup table
  • building data stored in objects with only building id in DOM.
  • on tick houses: work, buy food, buy goods. Stores: buy stock from factories.

When LPC art stage is done:

  • add randomised terrain tiles, perlin?
  • update buildings & icons
  • Remove the 'cliff' at the bottom of the screen.