Comments/Questions on LPC

Comments/Questions on LPC

Q1: Will we be able to see other entries during the art contest?  Just the name and description, at least, so we have an idea of what's out there and what might be quite welcome. I can't imagine we'll want 30 swords to use with the base assets, though I can see the downside of that too (i.e. if a great artist doesn't work on something because there are already multiple entries even though they might not be very good).

Q2: Are open fonts welcome, too?  Not that I'll be making one, mind you, I'm just curious.

Q3: Any chance the left, right, and backwards-facing hurt animation are going to be added to the base assets? :)  Those are great, by the way.

Q4: How do we deal with lots of art submissions?  For example, if I were to create a bunch of clothing/armor sets, should I submit those as a group, or separately?  For that matter, would I include every single one of my art submissions in a single zip file for judging purposes, or do I group them into intuitive categories?  I can see grouping being an issue for art of varying quality damaging the chances of winning.  Or vice versa: maybe my art will be unimpressive when viewed separately, but is greater than the sum of its parts when considered together.


Also, I've occasionally participated in a particular programming contest that has some extra phases in it that would translate quite well to this one.

After the art section, it would be nice if there was a short period where artists could take the art entries and build upon them before the programming starts.  That contest offers the overall prize after the sharing phase, but that probably isn't necessary.