Content Sub-Categories - a request for more

Content Sub-Categories - a request for more

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Hello, my name is Jon Bon, and I am founder and owner of Bon Ink Creations an independent development and publishing video game company. While searching for related websites and resources for my staff and development groups signed with us, I stumbled across this amazing website and I loved the domain name, and the idea itself. I read through your FAQ section and I really like the picture you paint for this site and it's functions. I instantly thought of it as something I could get behind and would promote within my company to encourage the developers who are making free games to use the resources here and in turn post their open source game resources for others to use. In short I believe this site would compliment the function of my company very well.

The reason I post here is because I noticed that not all your categories for submitted work have sub-categories, like the textures section does. I believe even based off what's been submitted already, a few sub-categories under the 2D, 3D, music, etc, sections, would greatly help people find the resources they are looking for when they come here.

As an example;

When I click 2D I get a page with thumbnails of the 2D art submitted here, perfect. The only problem is, it's a ton of stuff mixed in together. If say there were a mere 4 sub categories dividing it, things could be much more efficient. Categories such as:

Sprites - Basic small and few pixels, everyone knows what a sprite is. These are normally animated and come with multiple frames.

Drawn - The difference here is drawn are much more detailed and much much larger and are normally static animated if at all.

Objects - Icons (items, weapons, equipments, skills), Vehicles, Furnishings, etc. Anything that is something a player would interact with.

Environment - Places, world maps, buildings, roads. Graphics that help build the construct of your game.

These 4 sub categories, if added to the 2D section and the current content organized accordingly, would make this site an amazing resource for 2D game development. At present it would take ~3 times longer then necessary to find resources.

Similarly, the music section could have sub sections like;

Sound effects (bleeps/bloops, sword crashes, footsteps, etc.)

Environment sounds (birds, waterfalls, wind, churchbells, crowd talking, etc)

Background music (music you hear constantly while playing)

Music effects (victory music, triumphant fanfare)

Voice clips (narration, voice effects/grunts/sighs, voice acting, singing)


I do relealize that adding these categories now and filtering through current content would take time and effort, and possibly tons of each, so rest assured I do not ask this without knowledge of the work involved.  Also, the sub-categories above are only examples, and not absolute. Submitted content, in my opinion, needs to be sub categorized by function regardless of the title categories. I do believe however the reward would be a far more efficient website, and one I personally and professionally would vouch for as a primary use for the function you wish to serve.

In any case,  I wanted to voice my opinion because I truly believe in what you are doing here, and it is a much needed and not found resource among the independent communities, and it appears you know what we need, and are willing to help provide it.

I hopefully look forward to working through this site, and with any luck a more streamlined and efficient process for finding desired material.