Copyright issue?

Copyright issue?

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Hi all, sorry to bother you all with a question about copyright but I have been asked a question with regards to my work.

my work I do is public domain and I like to do this for everyone, however I had an email from someone who is using my work, or planning to, and has suggested to me that once he is finished his project will be copyrighted as will all the work involved, basically he has asked me that I can no longer have my work public domain if he is using the work for his copyrighted material.

ok, I kinda get what he says I can understand what he's saying, is this true? Is that something that can happen, it seems madness that I can create something for everyone, then someone copyrights my own work and stops me and others from using it, I suppose I waive all the rights, but really, I can't use my own work.

perhaps I will have to use a different license now, I'm not sure,

whats everyone's thoughts on this?

thanks in advance for your comments.