Desu Vult

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Hi. Two guys here, trying to do indie games cause well it's so much fun. Here's our project.
It's a turn-based strategy, mostly in the veins of the old Panzer General series but it does go into RPG territory as well.
As for the name, Desu Vult... it's loli girls fighting burly knights. The name seemed fitting.

We've been lurking the site for some time now(years?) as it's unexpendable for no-budget developers. We're sure users will start recognising their stuff used in our game. Once we start wrapping up the project we'll try messaging the site contributors that we gathered stuff from. People probably love to know where their resources are used.
Not sure how we'll personally contribute yet. I mean, you know the joke about what programmers' art looks like. We planned to upload whatever we did ourselves or whatever we built upon already existing resources. We'll see in time what is usable I suppose.

As for the community, we always hoped that we can get people involved (but I guess we're kinda shy?). The game is sort of modular and rich in possibilities, you can have a lot of things added as long as there's imagination. As such, we would love feedback and ideas thrown at us about what to add in. That probably comes after releasing a playable demo/alpha version though so people get a feel of what the whole thing is.
We have a discord running currently, everyone is free to join if there is interest: Not much but screenshots for now but playable demo should be up soon.
Sunday (July 14th) we're going to stream gameplay on twitch (likely at 11:00 PT), more info in the discord if anyone's interested. We'll probably spam you guys links and archives of streams in this thread as we go. Hope you won't mind.

That's it for now and thank you everyone for building this site.

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