[DRAFT] Rules clarifications and updates

[DRAFT] Rules clarifications and updates

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Note: These rules are under discussion, and are not official until they appear on the official rules page.

Derivative works:

  • Both code and art may be derivatives of other peoples' works (provided the license of the original allows it).
  • Derivative works will be judged on how much they transofrm the original work; adding a moustache to the Mona Lisa will get you credit for the moustache, not the Mona Lisa as a whole. ;)
  • If you are submitting a derivative work, you must provide a link to the original with your submission.  Failure to do this will result in your work being disqualified.

Code submissions:

  • Code entrants will be required to provide any existing source code they are going to use one week before the start of the coding portion of the contest.  The source code will be linked and listed publicly on the contest site at the beginning of the contest so that all entrants have access to it.
  • The LPC staff release a list of "obvious" FOSS libraries (such as SDL, SFML, pygame, etc) that are well known.  It won't be necessary to list those in advance if you're using them.  (We'll be happy to update this list as people suggest libraries.)
  • Your code must be hosted on a version control system.  You may host it privately if you wish, but you must allow one or more LPC staff read access to your repository.  (This is to prevent cheating by developing code early and not releasing it -- it's difficult to fake a commit log in a way that would stand up to close scrutiny.)


  • All judges will be expected to run a modern flavor of 32- or 64-bit GNU/Linux in addition to whatever other platforms they have available (these will likely include Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian, although the final list will be announced later).
  • Judges will be expected to have working OpenGL drivers installed.
  • Judges will provide a list of ther system specs (OS+distro, graphics hardware, CPU, etc) prior to the start of the contest.  This includes game-related peripherals, such as gamepads, etc.
  • In the event of a conflict of interest with a particular judge (prior relationship with a participant, participant making use of judge's code), the judge will recuse themselves from judging that particular entry and no score will be averaged in from that judge.  (That is, if due to a conflict of interest a judge can't judge your submission fairly, you will not be penalized).
  • If your entry does not run on a judge's system due to incompatibility with a proprietary library (such as a proprietary OpenGL driver), that judge's score will not be factored in.  (That is, for example, if your code works with the FOSS Intel or ATi OpenGL drivers but not with the proprietary Nvidia drivers, you will not be penalized.  You will also not be penalized for any additional effort required to get your code working on those drivers.)
  • Judges will not discuss entries (except for instructions to get them to work, if necessary) until after they have made their final judgements for those entries.