DS Portal for Indie Games

DS Portal for Indie Games

Hello OGA community!

As some of you already know, our team here at Dimensionscape LLC has been working on a new game portal for Indie Developers called DreamSpace.


DreamSpace is a new game portal that allows indie developers to get their games published without the cost of expensive application fees or code signing certificates. What makes our portal so different? Submitting your game on the DreamSpace portal is absolutely free. We rely on a community driven effort to cull content and provide quality control with user-based ranking and reporting systems.

The DreamSpace portal provides a developer API and tools(like the automatic updater and DS Anti-Cheat that disables software like cheat engine and DLL injections) similar to other major game portals to help you integrate your game with our cloud based services if applicable. In addition to this, we also provide access to our new 2D game engine, RealmScape 2D(currently in alpha) that allows creation of many types of 2D games(including local and network/server based multiplayer games!) for PC/MacOS/Linux without touching a line of code. Not only is our engine capable and robust, it helps streamline your submission process and integration into the DreamSpace portal. Best of all, did I mention it's all free?

Sell your games, give them away, charge subscriptions and provide users with in-game purchases - these are all things DreamSpace helps you do with minimal hassle while getting your game in front of niche audiences that love to play and support indie titles.

What else makes us special? Submit your flash games! Yes. Internet browsers are abandoning flash, which has long been a great platform for indie developers, yet, what will happen to all of the flash games published over the past 20 years? "Port your game to HTML5", you might hear, but I think not. Simply submit your SWF to DreamSpace and let your fans access your traditional flash game without the browser. No problem!

At this point, DreamSpace is in a closed Beta. We are seeking developers interested in joining the closed Beta and publishing games for Linux, PC or MacOS on our platform at launch. If you are interested in participating and being one of the first games on our portal, please contact me for further information.

Thanks everyone!

Chris Speciale - Lead Software Engineer, Dimensionscape LLC
Chris@dimensionscape.com (Email)
Dimensionscape#8833 (Discord)
1 - (470)-745-3396 (Office)
https://dimensionscape.com/ (Website)