Dungeon Tactics

Dungeon Tactics

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Here is my LPC entry, Dungeon Tactics.

Dungeon Tactics is a skirmish role playing game featuring retro graphics and unique gameplay.

One month is not a lot of time to build a game. I decided early on that my aim would be to focus on a single core gameplay mechanic and ensure that mechanic was the most fun and most polished it could possibly be. At the same time I decided on using a distinct hybrid 3d environment in order to visually differentiate my project from other lpc entries.

My secondary goal was to create a simplistic reuseable engine that could easily be refactored to support any genre or art assets. It was designed to be easily modifiable, not just for programmers but for anyone in the community. All game logic is scripted in well commented plain text files, and all game data can be easily edited using built in GUI editing tools.

In my opinion the LPC is an opportunity to build more then just a game, but rather to build a community; something that can be used by lots of people to build lots of games, to be freely shared and enjoyed by people all over the world for ages to come. I can only hope my contribution will provide the Free Software movement with some ammusement.

Download is available at dungeon-tactics.com and indiedb.com/games/dungeon-tactics.

Sorce repo is at sourceforge.net/projects/xenosengine, dungeon tactics will be in the sample modules directory.