Engine for LPC assets

Engine for LPC assets

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First things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

I like LPC assets very much, but I found problematic to use them in existing engines (for various reasons). So I've decided to create a new, FOSS engine primarily (but not exclusively) with LPC assets in mind. It is still in early stage of development, but you can already create and edit a game project with it. It is an RPG Maker like, no-programming-skill-required GUI application. Let me know what you think!

TirNanoG Editor

You can compile it from source (GPLv3+ licensed), but there are also downloadable binaries for Windows (zip, portable executable) and Linux (static .tgz and Ubuntu .deb with SDL2 dependency).

I've put a little OGA ad with a link on its About page, hope you don't mind (but if you do, let me know and I'll remove the ad ASAP). It can import assets in various formats (images, video, audio etc.) and you can do basic assets editing (for example convert any image to use Liberated Palette, or to cut out sprites from a sprite sheet using LPC Character layout), but creating everything from scratch every time is cumbersome, so this editor uses game templates.

One of those is tirnanog-lpc. Please note that this template is nothing more than a technical demo for now, but hopefully in time with some help of volunteers we can add enough assets to be useful to create an entire game easily, so that TirNanoG can became "the LPC assets based Open Source equivalent of RPG Maker" (bold goal, I know, but I like to dream big :-) ).