Extending LPC - Paid Work - Open License

Extending LPC - Paid Work - Open License


After searching the earth for various free art sources I could use for a game, I find it very difficult to find tilesets that would fit together to make a full game.

The RPG maker graphics are very nice, but are only available for use inside the RPG maker programs and would violate licenses to use them in external programs.

The closest I could find was the LPC graphics which are very nice, but still lacks in a lot of areas including incomplete animation sets, not all terrains have proper transitions, and not lot of variation in buildings and environmental props.

My original idea was to use what was available, and then hire artists to create the custom sprites that I need, however I am sure a lot of you are aware that pixel artists are quite expensive to hire for exclusive work. My buddy and I have always wanted to make an innovative 2D mmorpg and I know what you are thinking. Majority of mmorpg projects never see the light of day and are very difficult projects to take on. I perfectly agree, infact, we have failed many times in the past. Mainly because neither of us has really had the time to put into it that is required. So we would hate to spend thousands of dollars on exclusive artwork and it never see that light of day.

Finally, in May, I will graduate college, and a whole bucket load of time will become available to me to dedicate to my own personal projects. However, even with all this extra time, there is still a VERY HIGH chance this project will still fail. Stuff happens, mmorpgs take a long time to develop, test, etc... and lives changes during that time.

In that regard, what I propose is paying for non-exclusive art at hopefully a cheaper rate than exclusive, so that even if our project should fail, the art is still available for others to use in their personal projecets. The art would be in the style of the LPC graphics and would be made to the specifications required by our project, but would be freely available to use from the time it is created.

Now I don't plan on starting anything till late May, so I'm mainly just trying to test the waters and see how much interest people here would have in creating art for this and at what rate they would like to be paid. This also gives me time to write up specifications for all the art needed for the project. In the end, everyone would have a complete graphics set to make an entire detailed game including skill animatons, GUI, character portraits, and tons of props, environments, and items. All it one single style.

Just leave a post here so I can get a feel for how many people might be interested in contributing and what kind of rates I can expect to pay. We can work out details later on how you would submit the art, and how you would be compensated. Don't want someone to submit the art here, and then someone else quickly grab it and then submit it to me for payment.

Also, I might want to add that the game project we are working on will be closed source and commercial, only the art assets you guys make will be freely available.