Feature Requests: Collapsible Sections & Formatting in Description

Feature Requests: Collapsible Sections & Formatting in Description

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I recently submitted a script, & it made me want to request a couple things:

1) Collapsible drop-down sections: This could be used to hide text/contents from view until a user clicks/selects it. In my script submission, I wanted to display the text contents in the description. But it is relatively long & makes the description feel cluttered. It would be nice to be able to initially hide it from view.

2) Protected formatting for these sections: When I added the contents of the script to the description, I disabled rich text so I could put it in blockquote tags. However, every time I went to edit my submission I had to re-paste the script text because selecting "Disable rich-text" would remove whitespace. It would be nice if these sections, or certain tags such as pre, were ignored by the parser when removing whitespace.

3) Allow monospace font: I wanted my script's text to be dispayed in a monospace font so that it was more easily discerned from the rest of the description. The CSS styling is preserved in the description. However, OpenGameArt.org ignores it. So all text appears the same (other than bold & italic). I would really like to have support for monospace text as well. If it is problem, perhaps it could be restricted to certain tags or sections, such as the collapsible sections (but optional of course, I don't think the collapsible sections should be forced to use monospace text).

I apoligize for my ignorance if any of these features are already available. :)

I've attached a mockup.

collapsible-section-mockup.png collapsible-section-mockup.png 129.3 Kb [2 download(s)]