Help running Flare 0.16

Help running Flare 0.16

I've compiled Flare 0.16 on Fedora (16) (using only g++, not cmake), which works fine. I've also compiled it on Ubuntu (12) (again, using g++) and it does not work. It starts fine, but it hangs if I press 'Play' and it crashes if I press 'Configuration'.

Compiling didn't produce any output.

Starting the game displays the following:

rawing@rawing-laptop:~$ Desktop/flare_v016/flare
No tileset config found! Defaulting to 64x32 isometric tiles.
No autopickup config found! Turning autopickup off by default.
there is no soundcard
1 joystick was found:
  Joy 0) ST LIS3LV02DL Accelerometer
Using joystick #0.

And if I press 'Configuration':
Could not load image "/usr/share/games/flare/images/menus/config.png" error "Couldn't open /usr/share/games/flare/images/menus/config.png"

Any suggestions on how to get it working?