HTML5 Platformer in development

HTML5 Platformer in development

Hello.  You may know me as the creator of Runestone Defense, which used art, music and sound effects from this site, and the code to which I released as open source.  Well, I'm working on a new game, a platformer with some physics puzzles.

It's called Tommy Utah Vs. The Space Zombies.  It's about a community college quarterback named Tommy Utah who gets abducted by space zombies and must escape and save the earth.

It's in a very early stage of development, I figure I'm about 25% done, after approx. 3 weeks of development.   I have 1 level so far, and that has everything on it.  It's my testbed level.  I make a new feature, say, a fire hazard, and it goes on the test level.

Most of the art is prototype art.  Some of the art there is final, like the Tommy Utah and zombie sprites.   Other art is a maybe, and the background and world tiles are definitely prototypeing only.  There is no sound yet.

Art from here that I'm using is the spinning coins from Other art is the fire, blood  and voltage from and the character sprites I had made (tommy utah) or purchased pre-made (zombies) from

I'm posting this here, in a developer friendly, relatively small forum because I'd like to get some feedback / ideas from a small group of people.  I'm not ready for a widespread beta yet.  I'm calling this a small alpha release.

So, if you'd be so kind, please go and play it, and tell what you think.  Post here, or email me (address on the page).  I'm especially interested in bug reports & new feature ideas.  I have a whole slew of ideas written down, but I'd rather not state them, and just see what you guys come up with.

Play the game at  

I appreciate in advance any bug reports / suggestions from you guys.


TL;DR :  go play my pre-release game and give me feedback: