I'd like a logo. Anyone interested?

I'd like a logo. Anyone interested?

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Let me start by introducing my project. I have been developing a free software universal game engine, kind of similar to the game engine used by IDEs such as Game Maker, Game Editor, and Construct. The engine I have been developing is called the SGE, which stands for "Stellar Game Engine" and is pronounced like the English word, "sage". More information can be found on the SGE web page.[0]

What I would like is a simple logo to represent the SGE. I'm not particularly picky, and it can be under any free culture license.

The logo would be used for:

  • The image shown when the game is paused, by default.
  • The SGE web page.
  • Official SGE IDEs and other SGE-related graphical interfaces developed in the future.

Since "SGE" is pronounced like "sage", I would want the logo to visually suggest a wise person or wisdom in general. It ought to be possible to scale it down at least to 64 pixels in height without losing important visual features, and a vector-based image would be preferred over a raster-based image.

Since this is non-essential, I can't really justify offering a comission for it right now. So if you decide you want to do it, it's greatly appreciated; otherwise, I'll continue going without a logo for the time being. :)

[0] http://stellarengine.nongnu.org