Insights on Hobbyist / Open Source / Indie game development

Insights on Hobbyist / Open Source / Indie game development


I'm a long time Open Source user / booster / contributor, and a sometime hobbyist game developer.  I expect that describes a lot of people here, especially if you include "game artist" in the "game developer" category, and I do.

I've recently started a website for my games, and it's made me realize something that never really hit me before.

If you are on a site, and you like that site, you like their games, the best thing you can do for them is click on their ads.

I run adblocker.  I can't blame anyone else for running adblocker.  But now I know some of these sites I go to regularly rely on ad money to survive (I don't, it's just a hobby for me).

If you like a site, turn your adblock off for a few minutes and click on an ad.  It will only take a minute and the site owner will get some cash that they can use to keep that site running.

I'm not asking you to click on MY ads.  Note I have not linked my site here.  This is just general advice that has recently become clear to me.