IRC Bot Q/As

IRC Bot Q/As

Here are the current ones, feel free to edit/correct/etc. Note that since the bot uses pretty general regex matching the questions are just examples of what it's supposed to reply to, as opposed to word for word triggers.

q: "Can I  start coding before the contest starts?"

a: You can code as much as you want before the start, but it must be publically available before July 1st


q: "Can I use art that wasn't submitted to the contest?"

a: You're allowed to use as much non-contest art, sound, or music as you like(as long as it's under a free as in freedom license,) but you won't be given points on it.


q: "Can I write my game using javascript/html?"

a: Yes, you can use web technologies. It must run in Firefox or a free Webkit browser(don't worry about IE or other proprietary browsers.)


q: "Can I use external libraries?"

a: You can use any library you want, as long as it is under a free/open source license that is GPL compatible. is a pretty comprehensive list of licenses.


q: "When does the contest start?"

a: June 1st for art, July 1st for code/games


q: "What happens to my donation?"

a: Donations will be used to pay the hired artists; the leftovers may be used for prizes for the winners.


q: "Can I sell my game after the contest?"

a: Of course, as long as all the licenses of things you don' have copyright on(you didn't make yourself,) allow it(no cc-*-nc, etc.) Though note that if you used gplv3 things, or anything else with an anti-drm clause, you can't sell it in the iOS app store, or anything else with drm.


not really a q: I'd like to donate.

a: You can donate at


EDIT: forgot one

q: "What are the prizes?"

a: We don't know yet.