Kenney Studio (beta)

Kenney Studio (beta)

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Already announced this before but here's the public beta for Kenney Studio! Kenney Studio will allow me to distribute .ken files with my assets to allow users further customization without the need of expensive software or really any knowledge of graphic design software.

Kenney Studio is completely free but does require the AIR runtime (click, it's free too!)

The beta version includes 4 sample .ken files, no other .ken files are available at this time. Assets made using Kenney Studio can be used in your own projects but please do not distribute them just yet, still have to figure out some licensing terms (don't worry, they'll be there to help you!).

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What is Kenney Studio?
A program to open and modify .ken files and export them to .png.

What are .ken files?
Files especially made to work with Kenney Studio that allow easy customization of pre-made assets.

What kind of options does a .ken file include?
Options are tied to the .ken file, every file will have different options. Options can include different shapes, textures, colors and details.

Will we be able to create our own .ken files?
Absolutely, although you gotta give me some time to write the documentation on this. 

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