LateralGM+Enigma - Game Maker alternative

LateralGM+Enigma - Game Maker alternative

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To those out there that are tempted by the forbidden fruit that is Game Maker (I don't blame you) Windows, Mac, AND GNU/Linux users now have a wonderful alternative that is a combination of 'LateralGM' and the 'Enigma' engine and they are both free and open-source. LateralGM is essentially a JAVA-based GUI that looks mostly like Game Maker version 8 and has been around for quite some time. However, that is all it is and therefore an engine is needed to turn your project into a game. This is where Enigma comes in.

Using this combo, you can create easy to make 2D (and 3D via d3d functions) games via your choice of compilers, if installed, of GNU GCC ++, GNU GCC ++ 32, MinGW 32, MinGW 64, TestHarness, Clang, Clang 32, and Apple 64.

Platform-wise, you pick between Linux X11, SDL, Windows, Mac OS X, and Android. In other words, none of that "remote connecting to a computer" nonsense to compile a game for Linux from Windows or needing Windows to make Windows games on Linux. No more GM+WINE nonsense.

Graphics-wise, you can select OpenGL 1.1, OpenGL 3.3, OpenGLES2, OpenGLES3, Direct3D 9.0, and Direct3D 11.0.

Sound: OpenAL or DirectSound

However, do understand that this project is in constant development and so some features my be a bit buggy or even missing. But is it still definitely worth looking into. Just pick your platform at and the instructions should take care of everything. However, just in case, if on GNU/Linux make sure to be using gcc version 9 and newer and you may have to enable testing repos on Debian-based systems.

Other easy to use game creation projects:

For those targeting even older systems, you may want to take a look at Game Editor ( instead, though it seems to have been abandoned for quite some time now and I could not get audio working on GNU/Linux, which may be an OSS issue, but I am not sure.

Slade ( + FreeDoom ( can be used to make your own 3D shoot'em up game. You can then either play the game if not using newer file formats with the original DOOM EXE's or a free and open-source Doom engine like GZDoom or LZDoom (

DOS users that want to make an RPG may want to look at the OHRRPGCE project ( but use this I put together instead: because the last DOS version made required Windows to use hspeak.exe for some reason. Also, make sure to take a look at this for use with MIDI2BAM:

There is a project called LoveDOS ( for making Love2D games ( for DOS, but I think the author gave up. It will not play audio, which not having an easy way to have both graphics and audio for a DOS game seems to be a recurring theme.

For more ideas, please take a look at the recommended software sections on my site's homepage at Also, if you are a BASIC fan, I have Python scripts for easily converting modern images to both DATA arrays and VDU23 for BBC BASIC.

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