Looking for 2D artist for a one week project.

Looking for 2D artist for a one week project.

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Inspiration hit me for a new game idea. This one is beautifully small, simple and effective, and will only take about a week to make. This makes it a perfect candidate for @McFunkypants one game a month challenge! If you're looking for experience or a fun short project, I'm looking for you! If we enjoy working together, there will be opportunities for working on more projects throughout the year as well (including project ideas that you've always wanted to make). I'm a multi-talented programmer who can create anything from retro 2D games to next gen 3D games - you can check out some of my past game projects here: http://david.fancyfishgames.com/p/games.html, and a video from one of my graphics research projects here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TesgRpi9fhM

The game is a first person "horror" game. I put horror in quotes as it is more eerie than in your face scary, there are no enemies, and nothing jumps out at you, the scary part is more subtle than that. While the game is first person and 3D (and will be made in flash stage3D), no 3D modeling is required for this project, as it will be generated from maze-like walls and floors similar to older raycasting games (lands of lore, wolfenstein, etc). The art needed is for wall, ceiling, floor and object textures. These will work a lot like 2D tiles, and you will not be required to know anything about 3D.

While you might think wall textures are boring, I definitely want artists to make them interesting and eerie, and I am very flexible on the style. You can go as crazy as you like with the style, while keeping with an eerie and weird theme.

A quick example of the rendering/style can be seen here: http://fancyfishgames.com/CantEscape/ (requires flash 11)

The BGM was composed by a composer who is already on the project, and it uses the following FSM art:

Floor: http://fancyfishgames.com/tmp/floor.png

Wall: http://fancyfishgames.com/tmp/wall2.png

Ceiling: http://fancyfishgames.com/tmp/ceiling.png

As you can see, we're looking for 64x64 or 128x128 pixel art that can be applied to the walls. Alpha transparency is supported, so we can do things like objects as well.

This is a hobbyist project for free, fun and experience, so I will not able to pay you. If having the project be open source makes a difference to you, I can certainly make it open source, but for a one week project I wont guarentee code readability or documentation!

If you're interested and want to know more, you can read a blog post about the project here: http://david.fancyfishgames.com/2012/12/one-game-month.html, or contact me directly at davidmaletz@gmail.com