Looking for 2D Artist for Wizard Game

Looking for 2D Artist for Wizard Game

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I am a game developer, recently I started a project, it being a game where you play as a wizard's apprentice. Using a vast and varied (think the number and variety of spells in D&D 3.5e) list of spells, you fight monsters, save towns, solve puzzles, and delve into dungeons. Sound's fun, right?

The problem is, I tried to do the art as well. I got to making the main character (below) to a point where I was satisfied with it

However, upon trying to animate it, and subsequently realizing that the game would require lots of animation (Most spells will be gesture based), I came to two conclusions

*If I tried to make this all in an acceptable fashion it would add months to the game development time


*If I had someone working with me on the art I could focus all my time actually programming the game

And so I'm here, now.

Right now it's unpaid, but I plan to make the game commercial, and maybe even get it on steam, all profits would be split between me and any other team members as a percentage cut, which we can negotiate in emails.

You can reach me at LLASishio@gmail.com

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