LPC Entry A(lchemist) Game windows server patch?

LPC Entry A(lchemist) Game windows server patch?

hi, I created the Entry A(lchemist) Game.

When I submitted my Game yesterday I had a gamebreaking last minute bug, which i only discovered, when i wanted to play the final version with my friends. I then went to the LPC IRC chat and asked what i should do and got a response that i should resubmit my Entry with the same name and a Note in the Description that the old version had a bug.The submitted version but also had massive Problems when running the game server (even though running the game and connecting to a linux server worked fine). Since i had a lot to do yesterday i tried my hardest to fix the Bug, but couldn't and sent the Entry with the 'bad' Windows Server and a Note, that the windows server seems broken. (the linux version works fine). I couldn't let go of the Problem and tackled it today and it seems i have fixed the windows server.

Since I already submitted my Entry twice with the same name, i don't want to submit another entry with the same Name and another Note with 'this entry now works really'. Is there a possibility to update my old Entry or to post my Game here so that the lpc team could grab it?

Thank you for reading and i hope to get a response.

-Sven Stamm