LPC Entry : Mystic Castle (Progress Thread)

LPC Entry : Mystic Castle (Progress Thread)

Hi all,

this is my LPC Entry "Mystic Castle".


Mystic Castle is an endless HTML5 Dungeon Crawler. Each Player will get own Random dungeon based on a Seed. The Player have to Walk throught Rooms and Kill enemies, collecting Random Items and sell them in the City.

The Dungeon is just a simple Room based Dungeon without Corridors but multiple Stages. Each 5th Stage the enemies become stronger each 10th Stage youre able to unlock a portal(after killing a Boss) so youre able to port from the City to your dungeon level.

If Player dies, he will loose his items , spawn in the city. The Player have to collect his items at the place he died.


Iam using the CraftyJS Framework, Github as Source, Serverside PHP and NodeJS is planed(will take a look if i have enought time)


Code is Licence under WTFPL http://sam.zoy.org/wtfpl/






any Questions, Ideas, Suggestions just post;)