LPC game (code-named Rempel)

LPC game (code-named Rempel)

Here's a progress thread for the LPC game I'm working on. The game itself doesn't have a name yet, but the engine is called Rempel (a random word) and that may end up being part of the final name too.

I started creating the engine about 3 weeks before the coding competition began, and it started life as a stock Quake 1 engine. It seemed like that would be an interesting base to make a fast pace shoot'em'up type game, adding a 2D tile-based world and renderer on top of it. I also thought it'd be cool to go old-school and use software rendering, as all the FOSS 2D engines out there are OpenGL based.

The game I'm making will be something similar to Gauntlet, perhaps with a bit less monster bashing and a bit more exploring and finding items and treasure.  It would've been nice to have quiet areas with various NPCs to chat with, buy stuff etc, but I simply won't have time to do that.  The levels are going to be randomly generated, and that is something I will start working on tomorrow.

Today I worked on detecting that a player is standing on water and making a drowning animation, screenshot:



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