LPC in iOS games, sadly not possible.

LPC in iOS games, sadly not possible.

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I recently started developing my first game ever (iOS: It consists of my first game, graphics, sprites, music, and programming attempts).  There are so many people that are more talented than me it's depressing, but also encouraging.  Through other forums I have met some wonderful programmers who have helped me both with direction and proper techniques.  After 7 months I have finally got my game engine (still kinda shakey and needing additions) near ready.  

When it comes to graphics, I realized I couldn't make what I wanted alone.  Because of OpenGameArt, I found some of the best artwork around and it has helped me as an upcoming app developer tremendously.  When just starting out, no one really takes you seriously: you have any experience, money, or recyclable material. 

So then I found LPC, and was estatic!  If I picked CC-by-SA, I would have to post my art derivations, but that is a small price to pay having such a great library.

Then I found out that this would force me share my code CC-by-SA.  This, however, isn't possible.  All apple games on the app store must be released under the Apple liscense, which isn't compatible with GPL or CC-by-SA.  So I'm stuck.  I would love to use LPC tiles on my iOS device, and would be more than glad to add advertisement for opengame art/LPC on my spash screen and main menu.  I would also be open to sharing my art used in creating this game on OpenGame art.

To give you guys an Idea of my game, here is my my main avertisement photo.  I would also be wiling to show any LPC art providers my game (even now at it's current stage) and give them updates through development (and a copy of the game if they have an iphone).

**Attributation:Notice that the trees and clouds were not made by me!  The trees were originally made by Leonard Pabin found here: http://opengameart.org/content/whispers-of-avalon-grassland-tileset.  Also the clouds are originally by GameArtForge and can be found here: http://opengameart.org/content/clouds-set-01. **

So here it is:  For any original LPC tileset contributors... would you allow me to use your tilesets in my game under CC-by?  I saw that original artists were allowed to release their art under more liscenses than just the two that were required.  I will make sure to provide all derivations through a trust basis if that is alright with everyone. 

Also, I would be willing to provide you with my e-mail and facebook beforehand so you know who you are releasing the art to.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions, I'd be more than glad to talk anything over with you guys. Thanks everyone!