LPC sprite sheet mass converter tool

LPC sprite sheet mass converter tool

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As promised, here's a simple, dependency-free, multi-platform tool to mass convert LPC sprite sheets. It should compile on any POSIX-compliant system just as-is (Linux, MacOS, BSDs, Minix, etc.), but I've provided pre-built binaries for Linux and Windows as well (both weights no more than 300 kilobytes).

https://gitlab.com/bztsrc/lpcsheet (downloadable executables in the repo)

This tool has no hardwired sheet definitions in it, it is fully configurable with a CSV file. That file contains rows, one for each frame, which should look like:
"width,height,srcx,srcy,dstx,dsty", simple as that.

There are two example CSV files in the repo:

  • identity.csv - simple identity mapping of frames (to be used as a skeleton for your custom conversion)
  • merge.csv - the same, but this one expects all source animations in separate files, and merges those into a single sprite sheet.
  • ...hopefully soon more CSVs

You can write these comma separated values with any text editor (or you can also use Excel or gnumeric if that's your thing), but I've also created a

web helper to generate these CSVs (runs in your browser, tested with Firefox).

Using the web interface you can record multiple frame conversions and save those as a CSV, which in turn can be used with the lpcsheet tool on any already existing LPC assets.


  • Because no full LPC guidelines exists yet, the web helper uses a grid image. It will be replaced as soon as a guide is available.
  • For the same reason, I couldn't upload current LPC sheet to new LPC sheet conversion CSVs yet, just that two examples, but I'll as soon as possible.