[LPC] Woof - a dog that pees on stuff!

[LPC] Woof - a dog that pees on stuff!

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I'm working on my game entry for the LPC, which is set in a town and mostly takes place

around a small shop...(see attached screenshot) and I think it would be great to have some variation from only having people walking around on the 'streets'...

So I was thinking of a little dog that comes wandering through town now and then, snuffs at stuff

and pees on the trees/bushes (as all doggies should :)


I did a quick google, and all I could find was a spritesheet for Earthbound that was almost perfect (dog was a little too small), but of course I can't use that. I've put it in the screenshot for reference...


So would anyone be keen to draw a little dog for me? 

Would need a 2 frame animation walking left or right (I can mirror the sprite),

and animation for walking up and down...and if possible peeing on stuff (sideview only is fine)

and snuffing at stuff (nose to the ground, tail straight)


Woof :D



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