Manasource-LPC - The game (progress thread)

Manasource-LPC - The game (progress thread)


Hi folks!

As we're eager to show what we do and to get your feedback, we'll post screenshots and info about our game progress in this thread.

Short introduction: We are a team of about 7 people who are working on an mmorpg with the open source engine mana ( Team members are: Ablu, bascht_nb/dabascht/Basto, bjorn, Jenalya, PjotrOrial, Postremus and me (jurkan).

Todays work: We added the base sprites and hairstyles to the game and also tried to put the scroll graphics from daneeklu to use as gui windows. I think they look quite nice. Though we keep having some problems with hairs moving on their own when the character is walking, at least for the female base sprite. Still some work left, I guess...
The tiles of the base assets were added during art phase - that enabled bjorn to do some terrain brush rules for tiled. Check them out at our repository if you might need them. This features of tiled is quite new though.

Now, 'cause everybody loves screenshots:
The female base sprite with hair. You can also see that the chat window uses the sroll sprite.

-)Character selection screen


For the ones busy coding their own games:
You can find our repository here (with terrain brush rules:
Some automapping rules for the lpc assets, done by PjotrOrial:

Have fun coding (or waiting for the games :P)!