MMORPG - Quester

MMORPG - Quester

Hello everyone.


I launch the first wave of recruitment regarding my MMORPG Quester.


Before I start, I introduce myself briefly


My name is Kenny Brunet, I am 18 years old, I am actually BAC PRO Service.


I reside in the south-west of France in seaside resort.


I do not have programming skills.


                                                . . .Summary. . .

I - Intrigue

II - Presentation

III - The team to promote

IV - Information (s)



I want to introduce Quester to you, it is a MMORPG that is based on an OpenSource game well known to all: BrowserQuest of Mozilla, besides I took the name "Quester" to make a reference to the Mozilla OpenSource project) . I am working alone on the project with little competence in development and graphics does not advance ..




                                                                     Above all, Quester is what?


-> This is a "hack and slash" type mmorpg.


-> In a medieval / fantastic world.


-> Develop with HTML5 / NodeJS / Canvas / "MYSQL" language.


-> Hosting on an online gaming platform.




Quester tells the story of a hero who will be confronted with the vast expanses of the game as well as the monsters who roam. He will have to walk the dungeons that will stand in front of him and defeat the BOSS, reap the golden fortune as well as equip themselves with the legendary equipment see UNIQUE!


There will be a PvP / PvE / Dungeon system with three difficulties: Normal - Difficult - Guilds / Chat / Item System: rare magic epic single legendary / Maybe a mobile version / Friends to make multiple dungeons / Quests (well fortunately) / Event (important or everyday ..)


You will also be able to buy mounts with a system of scarcity like items and many other features that will emerge.


You will have 3 rankings: PvP / EXP (Lvl of the players) / Guilds (Lvl of the guild)


But also, you can choose between 2 classes (for now) at the beginning of your journey: Warrior or Mage?


The environment will be 2D pixelated, with tilesets as well as the characters sprites.


To avoid latency problems, several instances will be set up in order to avoid a surplus of players.




I am actively looking for competent people only.


-> Developer (s):


You are fluent in the following languages: HTML5 / NodeJS / CSS (optional)


Your duty will be to develop the mechanisms of the game, features and other tasks that a developer might encounter during his work.


-> Pixel Artist:


You master the pixel art, you have imagination? This position should suit you .. Your task? Create images for the game from A to Z: Items in itself, icons, tilesets for maps, sprites, characters, shop images or events, mounts and posters for ads and so on. .


(I also look for a simple graphic designer to be able to cut the pear in 2, the one who takes care of the game then another person who could take care of the banners / logo exclusively.


-> I am also looking for a person with a perfect command of English and French to help me with the ideas of the game and the launch of the MMORPG on the platform and future communications.


I want to make clear that if everything goes well, the game being launched on a platform known worldwide, revenues will necessarily to foresee and therefore a remuneration for each person going to work on the game before the official launch.


(The game should be in OpenBeta as fast as possible in order to reward the efforts of each one but naturally a minimum of the game will have to be developed.


If by any chance you are interested in one of these three positions, I invite you to answer this question here, in MP, or on my personal box:




I wish you a pleasant evening and maybe to the next?

PS: Sorry for my bad english but is translate by google