Modeler needed for Theintercooler Games

Modeler needed for Theintercooler Games


My name is Ed, I am the project manager at we are a group indie developers from all around the world working together to make great games. We are in need of a modeler(s) for the two projects we are working on. Both games are free to play and community driven games.

Heres a little about each game:

Revelade Revolution if a First Person Shooter (FPS) that is a free to play game. The game features fast pace game play as well as both multiplayer and single player game play. Players are faced against swarms of zombies who have recently over taken the city and are slowly spreading across the world. Join up with other survivors as you battle not only zombies but other survivors looking to take the little resources you have.

Game Modes :

Survival mode – Take on endless waves of zombies, each wave growing harder and harder as time goes on. Use your gut points to buy weapon upgrades as well as call in for much-needed support. How long can you last a zombie attack?

Free for all – Take the fight to all our survivors in the city and let them know who truly runs the city in an all out assault on all both living and the dead.

Capture the flag – Work with fellow survivors to capture the enemy’s flag.

Infection – Ever wonder what happens to those who get bit? Play infection for your chance to become a zombie and terrorize your friends.

Assault – Work with fellow survivors to take control of a rival clans safe house, watch out they will be coming for yours as well.

Game Features :

Quake style game play – For those that like fast game play Revelade Revolution offers it, non stop action with something always around the corner there is never a dual moment.

Quake vision – When something explodes on or near you the camera shakes, vision gets blurry for a few seconds adding realism to game play.

Primary and Secondary Weapons – All weapons in-game (except for chainsaw) have a primary and secondary weapon attack mode making game play that much more interesting.
•Rocket launcher – Direct fire rounds and guided missiles
•Flamethrower – Blast fire which does damage over time and can be used as a jetpack
• Pistol – Single shot and 3 shot burst
• Shotgun – Buck shot and grenade launcher
• Grande launcher – bouncing bombs and land mines
• Sniper rifle – Long range shoots and exploding bullets
• Cross bow - Long range shoots and exploding arrows
• Chain gun – Raid fire in a large area and controlled stream of bullets

Classes – Revelade Revolution also offers different player classes. Each class offers their own weapons as well as health, armor and speed buffs.
•Offensive – Weapons shotgun, chain gun, grenade launcher. health 100, armor 50, max speed 100
•Defensive – Weapons rocket launcher , rifle, pistol. health 120, Armour 60 max speed 95.
•Heavy – Weapons chain gun, Rocket launcher, flamethrower. health 120, Armour 70 max speed 85.
•Stealth – Weapons shotgun, grenade launcher, cross-bow. health 80, Armour 40, max speed 115.
•Engineer – Weapons shotgun, heal, pistol, crossbow. health 100, Armour 50, max speed 100.


*********What we are looking for***************

We are looking for someone(s) to create md3 or md5 player models as well as helping animate weapons. The game is built of the cube2 engine which you can find details of what model types the game supports at


Anyone interested in more info our would like to contact me with any questions feel free to email me @ edward.thomas3(AT)yahoo(dot)com


Ed Thomas

Project Manager