Murderous Manor (progress thread)

Murderous Manor (progress thread)

I'm a little late to the progress-thread game, but I just managed to get something "playable" in the last few days :)

The repo:

In my game the player is a detective who must solve a randomly-generated murder mystery case. All the chain of events leading up to the murder is simulated and the player must then question the people involved in order to determine and then accuse the killer. It's based on this idea:

In the end, I may have bit off more than I could chew with this game, as the code turned out to be quite complex. I'm also not sure if the "gameplay" itself is any fun, which should have been my main concern from the start, but oh well... I'm submitting it anyway in hopes that someone finds it fun, and hopefully I'll revisit it some time in the future.

What I intend to work on in this last week:

- character sprites

- make the accusation part work

- make the weapon-finding part work

- tweak the questioning engine, as there's a lot of bugs yet

- include an endgame screen

- add sound of some sort if possible

There are some screenshots from the game's current state attached to this post.

PS: Linux people, I need to your help! I have ZERO experience in developing open-source software, so I'm not sure if my build system is good enough. I did manage to compile the game from scratch using an Ubuntu VM, but I'd like for other people to try it and report any problems or suggestions they might have. Thanks a lot! :)