My game dev tool

My game dev tool

I've been working on this project for almost 5 years and it has had a few false starts. I think because I don't really have much skill in marketing/publicity. This is the latest incarnation.

Years ago I thought that making a simple animation on the HTML5 canvas wasn't easy if you didn't have some idea about programming. So I created a declarative language to wrap around my sprite engine and I call it structured canvas language (SCL). Over the years it has evolved but the idea has remained the same: it should be easy to do simple things. So now SCL can make simple games like space invaders, pacman, flappy bird, etc. I've posted those as a proof-of-concept to

The games run on most mobile browsers - iPhone, Android, Windows, some Blackberries (I don't own all those phone types, going off reports from friends).

Now I would like others to start making SCL games. I've created an SCL development studio at

It works like this:
- setup and account
- play with the examples in the dev studio (accessed through the dashboard)
- upload images and sounds
- make your game using SCL
- submit it for publication (there's a button for that)
- once approved the game will play at
- make 70% of all ad revenue your game makes (but this can't happen until I have enough users to get an ad agency)

Also, you don't need to set up an account to try it. Just use the "Try It" link up top.

In general terms, games run on every smart phone, device, desktop, etc without any extra effort from you. Since they are interpreted at runtime by JS in any HTML5 capable browser.

You are not going to make a 3D shooter with SCL, but some of the most addicting games are the simplest. So they should be simple to make and I hope this does the trick.