Need some help with a couple of buggy programs

Need some help with a couple of buggy programs

Guys, I'm now getting some 3d modeling work started on my game and some voice acting lines, But when I write my game idea concepts out I use a runnable dos windows script to test the ideas and concepts.  So I use a dos windows program called Insertbmp.exe to display 24 bit bitmaps from inside the windows console.....  The problem already is that 24 bit bitmaps are too big in filesize.

Filesize is one of the big problems that's frustrating me because it takes a meg to display a full size bitmap image in my dialog graphic window of my game when it should only be 100k in size if it was displayed in JPG format instead of 24-bit bitmap which this program does...   BUT the other more serious problem it suffers from is when I hit alt tab, to switch to another window to edit my script and then switch back again into the console, poof, gone are all my bitmap graphics, all wiped out from the console...   So the graphics only stay in the console as long as you don't hit alt tab or have another window pulled over in the way or it wipes the graphics out like an eraser.........This is not what I want windows to be doing to my graphics.

So can someone help me out and write a short fix that can display bmp or (even better if possible) display jpg images in the windows console that 1) Saves me

a heck of a lot of filesize space) and stays put on the screen when you switch over to a different window because insertbmp.exe is NOT WINDOWS FRIENDLY when other windows are just act like erasers rubbing out all the graphics.

The program I use also allows you to set the bitmap size you want to display as well, that's real handy.  To manualy flush the console of all screen graphics I have to use MODE CON Command to redraw the screen to clear it when needing to display more graphics to avoid overlapping issues.....  The reality is it's difficult to debug or test my game out when I keep on losing the graphics from off the console window and I cannot release a game with this 'oops, my bitmaps have all fallen down again like loose belt on your pants' nonsense going on.  Its most annoying and I hope there's a fix.

2) Cut Audio off Timer is Needed for Skipping Audio Dialog in Cutscenes.   If I just use Pause > nul to try to skip through audio dialog, each time sound.exe plays

the audio, it will create a hall of echoes problem and be a huge clanging mess of everybody still speaking their lines at once..  So I need this simple little timer for audio dialog that just waits for the spacebar or - key to be pressed to allow me to skip audio cutscenes.  if the spacebar or - key is not pressed then it continues playing the sound and the timer continues the countdown and then exits.  But if the key or spacebar is pressed while the timer is counting down, it IMMEDIATELY STOPS ALL audio sound playing and makes the jump to where i need it to go in the code to play the next audio sequence.......


Skipsound.exe /t 8000 && goto cutscene 2

3) SOUND.EXE  Works playing one or more sounds in the console. bUT the program only has WAV support is that WAV has a tendency to cuts out the audio after playing the wav for several minutes and then you suddenly lose the Ambient sounds.. So I need a sound.exe program that supports OBB VORBIS or mp3 so I don't have anymor of this audio cutting out problem.   If anyone can help me out to give me these fixes to these buggy programs I been using, let me know.  In short these bugs have been driving me up the wall, especially losing the bitmaps off the screen when trying to test the graphics while trying to debug the script..