NEW Sprite Tool on open BETA

NEW Sprite Tool on open BETA


(I'm a previous member and can't login my old account, creek23. I've contributed some sprites before, although most was deleted.)

I've been busy working on a 2D Animation software which I plan to use as my main IDE for making my own games.  Currently being shared to public as free and open source 2D Animation Software but I've recently added a Feature to Export the Animation into Spritesheet.

With this tool, you can:

  1. create a character
  2. animate the character
  3. export as Spritesheet

Then, load the generated sprite into your game and enjoy!

Tool is called Kage Studio, currently at version 0.6, it's available on Windows and Linux -- and currently on experimental state with Mac due to currently known limitation.

Export Kage Studio Animation to Spritesheet

Hope it helps you with your project.  Please note that it is still on BETA -- here's the roadmap to know it's current state and what it would look like on version 1.0