new way to make art?

new way to make art?

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from blender nation:


"Using the non-photorealistic Freestyle renderer to recreate ’8-bit’ graphics.

Jesse Werner writes:

My goal in posting this is to give back to the community and encourage non-photo realistic blending, especially in the realm of 2D video game art. These are the methods I have come up with and I want to share them so people can take them and use them in their own work and improve upon them.

I started this blend just to explore rendering in a low resolution, low-bit, retro style for game development. I think that it has come along fairly well and I would like to share it with you all.

I used the Blender 2.63 r46584 Freestyle build from You will need a Freestyle build for this to render properly.

The blend file is available on BlendSwap.

I must conclude that using Blender for 2D sprite generation is an underused method of unlimited possibilities. I hope those of you who download this blend file share your improvements and derivative sprite generation methods for us all to learn from."


might this be a good way to make art?